About Australia’s Own

At Australia’s Own, our mission is to bring the best milk possible to every lifestyle – to nurture every stage of life. We’ve been doing this since our beginnings, in 1986. 

Milk nourishes us from birth. It is vital in our lives and holds a position in our nutrition and wellbeing in a way unparalleled by any other food.

So even though our tastes may change with time – the comfort of milk, in all its forms, remains with us a lifetime. Australia’s Own is part of that lifelong journey, bringing trusted products to Australian homes year after year.

Australia’s Own products are of uncompromised quality. Our milk owes its goodness to the Australian land and its caretakers. Our strong commitment to our Australia’s Own dairy farmers ensures that we are with them every step of the way, nurturing our link to the land. Our farmers care for their herds the way we care for our families, with the right nutrients, shelter, stress-free environments and life-long support.

At Australia’s Own, our processes are simple, because we believe that well cared for cows produce premium quality milk. That is a standard of quality born of the soil, sun and water. We don’t disguise or distract from the original ingredients; we let them sing.

We bring ingredients to life, from our trusted farms to your homes, nurturing every stage of life.

Our quality and safety

Australia’s Own takes pride in sourcing premium quality ingredients and is committed to providing safe and nutritious products for early life nutrition.

The dairy milk in Australia’s Own Diamond pro+ Premium Early Life Nutrition range, is sourced from within Australia. The essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics are sourced from both Australia and internationally, to ensure the formulation is not compromised and continues to provide a premium quality standard.

Australia’s Own Diamond pro+ Premium range is also manufactured in Australia.  The superior facility is controlled at both industry standards and Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, with rigorous quality and safety systems functioning across the entire manufacturing and production processes.

These comprehensive quality and safety standards consistently ensure safe and reliable products for your baby and toddler.

Our expertise

Australia’s Own Diamond pro+ Premium Formula has been scientifically researched and professionally formulated using an evidence based approach. Our commitment to scientific investigation, innovation and premium class early life nutrition ensures that Australia’s Own Diamond pro+ is the brand that you can trust.