About Australia’s Own

At Australia’s Own, our mission is to bring the best milk possible to every lifestyle – to nurture every stage of life. We’ve been doing this since our beginnings, in 1986.

 We know that milk holds a unique position in the lives of Australians. It nourishes us from birth and remains with us throughout our lifetime.

Our milk owes its goodness to the Australian land and its caretakers. We have a strong commitment to our dairy farmers, who care for their herds the way we care for our families – with the right nutrients, shelter, stress-free environments and life-long support.

The premium quality milk produced by Australia’s Own farmers is where it all starts. Our role is to ensure it gets to you in the best condition possible. We don’t disguise or distract from the original ingredients; we let them sing.

We bring ingredients to life, from our trusted farms to your homes.

We also bring our nutrition expertise into your homes, by presenting nutrition science in a friendly way.



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