Your baby will let you know when they are hungry and full, so trust them

Knowing how much to feed your baby may seem difficult at first, especially in the early stages. However, just like with grown-ups, feeding according to need is appropriate. Don’t worry, because you’ll get to know your baby super-fast and he or she will teach you when they need more and also when they’ve had enough.

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council provides recommendations on a baby’s formula requirements. The feeding guides on our Diamond pro+ Premium Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula cans have been based on these recommendations and provide a guide to how much formula your baby may need relative to their age and to meet their nutrition needs.

As we say on the cans, these feeds are given only as a guide, because every baby is different. The same baby may also want more/less to eat on different days, so don’t worry if your baby does not always wish to consume the entire prepared amount, even if this means that you need discard some prepared formula from time to time.

If your baby has plenty of wet nappies (six or more per day), is experiencing consistent weight gain as monitored by your healthcare professional, and is a thriving, active baby, these are good indicators that your baby is getting enough formula.

Oh, and another thing. The feeding guides on Diamond pro+ cans are for babies who are exclusively formula fed, so if your baby is having a combination of breast milk and formula, they won’t need so much formula as you will be continuing with breast feeds and substituting with formula feeds as works best for your circumstances. Once again, let your baby guide you, but if you need any help, do feel free to contact the Diamond pro+ Careline.

If you have any concerns about how much to feed your baby, always speak to your healthcare professional.