The Role of Toddler Milk Drinks

At this age, there will be variability and irregularity in how much toddlers eat. The amount of food eaten varies from day to day and is influenced by their age, growth and activity levels.

Although growth slows somewhat during the toddler years, a healthy diet with the right nutrition is really important at this age. It’s also the right time to set up lifelong nutrition and healthy eating patterns and to help your child develop a heathy attitude towards eating.

Toddlers need food from all five core food groups listed in the Australian Dietary Guidelines and need a variety of food from each food group. It takes time and perseverance to help our little ones become confident and familiar with the healthy diet you provide. In the meantime, you can be reassured that they are getting what they need from a professionally formulated toddler milk like Diamond pro+3 with Prebiotics & Probiotics, in combination with a healthy diet.

Toddler milk drinks combine the overall benefits of milk, with added essential nutrients not found in regular cow’s milk – being either fresh, UHT or powder. Diamond pro+ 3 Premium Toddler Milk Drink contains added omega-3 DHA fatty acids found in oily fish (but challenging to get toddlers to eat!), vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, iodine and iron to support normal brain function, zinc to support the immune system, B vitamins to contribute to normal energy production and Prebiotics & Probiotics which are the good bacteria in the gut and the food they need to thrive. Diamond pro+3 has been professionally formulated to provide 15-50% of 16 age-appropriate essential vitamins and minerals per serve, helping to support children’s growth and development.

The below table compares the added nutrition Diamond pro+ 3 contains, compared with cow’s milk.

Table 1: Compares the added nutrition Diamond pro+ 3 contains, compared with cow’s milk

Nutrient (per 200 mL serve) Diamond pro+ 3 Full-cream cow’s milk
Omega-3 fats (mg)
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) (mg) 24.1 0
Α-Linolenic Acid (ALA) (mg) 105 0
Omega-6 (mg)
Arachidonic Acid (AA) (mg) 24.1 0
Vitamin D (μg). Necessary for strong bones and teeth. Very few foods contain vitamin D, so sunlight is important. 2.0 0
Iodine (μg). Necessary for normal cognitive function. 28.7 0
Iron (mg). Necessary for normal cognitive function. 1.71 0.08
Zinc (mg). Necessary for normal immune system function. 1.10 0.70
Prebiotics (mg). Gut loving goodness. 933 0
Probiotics (cfu) 264 million 0

Yes, toddlers can get these additional nutrients from a healthy, well-balanced diet, but if you just want to be sure they are getting all the nutrients they need, one way to increase their nutrient intake is with a nutritious toddler milk drink like this one, combined with a healthy varied diet.

Hydration is the first base consideration when choosing drinks for your toddler, but it’s also essential to think about the nutrients provided by the drinks. Given, the small amount of food toddlers consume, everything they have should be nutrient-rich.

Oh and another thing, Diamond pro+3 has comparable energy levels and reduced protein levels to regular cow’s milk, consistent with expert health recommendations and bringing the latest scientific evidence to toddler milk drinks.

Rest assured, Diamond pro+3 contains no added artificial colours and no preservatives. Unlike some of the market leaders, Diamond pro+ contains no added table sugar (sucrose), dextrose and no flavours. Plus it uses milk from Australia farms and is proudly Australian made and owned.

Toddler milk can also be used when preparing breakfast, baking or cooking, to add nourishment to your toddler’s foods. Take for example packaged drinking hot chocolate, which is loaded with unnecessary sugars and relatively low in nutritional value. As an alternative, use Diamond pro+3 with good quality cocoa powder for a nourishing drink that will easily fill in nutrient gaps for kiddies. They’ll love the taste too! For more recipes ideas using Diamond pro+, see our recipe section.

How much is Toddler Milk Drink?

Diamond pro+3 isn’t any more expensive per serve than a fresh premium milk from the supermarket. In fact, it’s actually cheaper and above that, it has added nutrients!

Additionally, toddler milk drink doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge and can easily be transported when you’re out and about with your toddler.

Should I feed in a bottle still or use a cup?

Toddlers should be drinking from a cup. For more information, see moving onto cups.

What about other drinks?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines say fluid needs for children are best met by water and milk. Start by setting good examples, and always have these drinks available for the whole family to enjoy. Tap water is healthy, freely available and helps protect against tooth decay.

Sugar-sweetened drinks like cordial and soft drink and fruit juice should be limited: these drinks are high in added sugar and have limited or no nutritional value. With a toddler’s small appetite, they also may displace healthier whole foods in their diet. Tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks are unsuitable for toddlers.

For more information on suitable foods for toddlers, visit The Australian Dietary Guidelines. If you are concerned about your toddler’s diet or growth, always talk with your child’s doctor, maternal health nurse or ask to see a dietitian.

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