AUSTRALIA’S OWN® Diamond pro+
with Prebiotics & Probiotics

Breastfeeding is the natural infant feeding method. However, if a mother is unable to breastfeed or decides to mix feed or move on from breastfeeding, the choice of formula matters.

Diamond pro+ Premium Infant and Follow-on Formula and Toddler Milk Drink, with Prebiotics & Probiotics have been scientifically developed the support the unique nutrition needs of infants, babies and toddlers.

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  • Australia's Own

    With scientifically researched prebiotics & probiotics

  • Australia's Own

    Supports healthy growth and development

  • Australia's Own

    Based on the latest scientific research

  • Australia's Own

    Australian Made & Owned

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The Diamond pro+ Premium Early Life Nutrition Range

To review the individual characteristics of AUSTRALIA’S OWN® Diamond pro+Premium Early Life Nutrition products, click on the formula of interest to see all the nutrition, ingredient and formula preparation specifics.

lower protein formula* 0 - 6 months

Diamond pro+ 1

With Prebiotics & Probiotics and lower in protein*, as recommended by experts, Diamond pro+ 1 also contains iodine and DHA omega-3 ...

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first foods
6 - 12 months

Diamond pro+ 2

With Prebiotics & Probiotics and formulated to complement the introduction of solid foods, which should occur around 6 months of age, Diamon...

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when their diet
is inadequate
12+ months

Diamond pro+ 3

With Prebiotics & Probiotics, Diamond pro+ 3 provides additional key nutrients important during this time of growth and development...

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