Encourage toddlers to enjoy a wide variety of different coloured, textured and tasting fruit, both fresh and cooked. As our toddlers grow, parents and carers can provide model behaviour by consuming a wide range of fruit themselves. When considering variety, this means a variety of offerings over weeks and months, rather than offering lots of fruit options over only a few days. This information is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Positive Pomegranate

Half to one tablespoon of pomegranate arils, so easy to eat slowly and a lot of fun. They are messy, but it all cleans up easily enough.

Radiant Raspberries

Offer six to seven raspberries, full of antioxidants and fibre. For smaller children, these are better sliced in halves.

Beautiful Bananas

Around half a firm banana is one serve of fruit for a toddler. Light green, slightly firm bananas are best, because they are packed with resistant starch, which is great for their developing gut bacteria.

Awesome Apples

Around one third of an apple cut into thin  straws. These couple as nice teething sticks, but supervision is needed, as hard apple pieces may pose a choking risk.

Kind Kiwi

Slice and dice aroundhalf a Kiwi Fruit, as it’s soft and packed full of vitamin C. Children may pick these up and chew on them slowly.

Scrumptious Strawberries

Two large strawberries or four smaller ones, cut into quarters and small enough for their little hands to hold. Leaving the stems is a nice idea, so toddlers can hold them as they eat.

Melodious Mandarin

So soft and sweet, peel and chop around a half a mandarin, for sweet fibre and some carotene vitamins. These are just the trick to get toddlers started on enjoying lots of fruit fun.