4 Steps to Safely Reheat Infant Formula

Diamond pro+ Premium Infant Formula or Follow-on-Formula shouldn’t need to be rewarmed unless the feed has been prepared in advance for later use or transported. If this is the case, standing a prepared feed in a container of warm water is the safest way of doing so.

Commercial warmers can be used to rewarm feeds and are safe to use, provided they have a thermostat control and the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. The below steps will provide a useful guide on how to rewarm Diamond pro+ Premium Infant Formula or Follow-on-Formula.


How to reheat formula

Step 1

Stand the prepared feed in a container of warm water, making sure the level of water in the container is below the teat of the bottle or below the lid of the feeding cup. Rewarm for no more than 15 minutes.

Step 2

During rewarming, occasionally swirl the feed in its bottle or feeding cup to make sure that it heats evenly.

Step 3

Check the temperature of the prepared formula on the inside of your wrist before feeding. It should feel warm, but cool is better than too hot.

Step 4

Feed your baby immediately. Discard any feed that has not been consumed within 1 hour.

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